Sunday at the Jean - Talon market

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vegetables at the Jean - Talon market
There's always something magical about walking through a farmer's market and May - Mei and I spent our Sunday eating our way through the Jean Talon market in Montreal.  It was fall in Montreal but it didn't deter people from stopping by even though throughout the day, a few flurries appeared.
Corn and gourds
I was impressed by the vibrant colors of the vegetables and the smell of roasting meat permeated the air.  As I walked through the aisles, I imagined my grandparents enjoying this experience.  My grandfather, who was a farmer, would talk to the other farmers about the soil, harvest and the weather.

large pumpkin and a butter pastry
My grandmother would look over the meat and speak with the butchers about the cuts.  Then we would have lunch at one the restaurants the lined the outer perimeter of the market after purchasing a few days worth of fruits and vegetables.

The outer perimeter of the market is lined by a few restaurants specializing in pastries, cheese or offered brunch / lunch as a respite from shopping.

I ended up buying maple syrup, some Halloween chocolates from Chocolats Privilège, and sparking cider from Maisons des vins et boissons artisanales.  All the purveyors were friendly as they explained their products to us and offered us samples.

Despite all the samples May - Mei and I experienced, we also ate brunch at a cute tea parlor where she had a tartine and tea while I had a salmon omelette with fresh mangoes and strawberries drizzled with a bit of vinaigrette. It took some time for the plates to come but I think it was part of spending a leisurely afternoon in the cafe, people watching.
Brunch and teacups

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