A Charming Weekend in Plateau - Mont Royal

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall colors of Montreal
Fall is one of my favorite seasons and not because my birthday happens around this time, but because the air is a little cooler and comfort food in this weather feels just right.

I also usually try to take vacations around this time since prices tend to be lower and you're more likely to interact with the locals instead of the onslaught of tourists.

May - Mei and I were planning to vacation together for some time but due to my work schedule, it was advised to take the trip at another time so we decided on a weekend in Montreal.  I haven't been back to Montreal since 2009 for New Year's Eve so this time, there would be much more to eat and see!

Spiral staircases around the area
Yellow house in Montreal

May - Mei found a cute B&B in the Plateau - Mont Royal and she was nice enough to accompany me to a couple restaurants I've been dying to go to such as the new Montreal Plaza and the gluttonous Au Pied de Cochon.  A majority of the houses in the neighborhood had the distinct, spiral staircases which adds to the charm.  However, what's great about this neighborhood is the proximity to the restaurants and bars  that you could walk to so I could only imagine what the summertime would be like with everyone out and about.

I also noticed the bicyclists were much more polite as they gave us right of way when we crossed rather than having a surly "watch out" as others sped by at top speed, nearly knocking us over in New York City.

It was great walking around the neighborhood, observing the designs of the different houses and wondering how people could climb up these crazy steps in the icy, winter without hurting themselves.

I also forget how quickly you can get to one destination to another since the blocks are much shorter than New York City blocks and less foot traffic.

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