BBQ / Potluck at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Sunday, July 20, 2014

View from Pier 5 Brooklyn Bridge Park
It's been awhile since I saw some of the Brooklyn crew.  Some of them I haven't seen since the potluck or when they helped me move into my new apartment in Astoria last November.  However, I received a message that a few people were meeting up and if I was interested, I should show up and bring something.  Of course, I volunteered for dessert and placed an order for a fruit tart at Cannelle Patiserrie in Jackson Heights.  Rich picked me up around 11am Saturday morning and we drove over.

The usual crew was there along with some new faces that LouieLou met at Brooklyn Boulder.  It was still early and we were starving so we started munching on guacamole and chips while a few of the guys were at the BBQ section roasting chicken, vegetables, fish tofu and burger meat.

Wen trying to grill a pizza
I haven't been to Pier 5 before and was really impressed with the layout.  There were several picnic tables where families and friends can gather around and over on the North side was the BBQ section along with Ample Hills creamery.

It was a beautiful day - not too hot and it didn't rain so there were tons of people out at Pier 5 using the BBQ or guys playing lacrosse. One table was smart enough and brought their own tabletop grill and a hotplate. We each took turns grilling chicken, hot dogs, burger meat while others transported the food back in cardboard boxes lined with tin foil.

I caught up with Sally, Sandy, and Jinny about work and traveling and told them all about Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam.  I had to chance to talk to Steffan, who I found out actually works at the same company I do but at another campus so it was cool to talk about public health.

So the next project was to try and grill a homemade pizza. Everyone made theirs on tin foil and then used a large pot lid to even out the heat however, others covered the whole pizza in tin foil.  Wing decided to forgo the tin foil and just grill the pizza dough then add on the toppings afterwards.  

Homemade pizza ready to go on the grill
Wing's panini pizza
I observed and said it's turning into a panini pizza and suggested maybe someone should bring a mini clay stove next time.  Wen's pizza finished grilling first and a few people did a taste test and said the dough wasn't cooked enough but the bottom part was burned. The first try is always an experiment so others started drizzling olive oil on top of the tin foil first or thinning out the dough.  After the third or fourth grilled pizza, everyone had an idea what to do next time so now it was on to my dessert.

Cannelle Patisserie is a Jackson Heights french bakery that I discovered  a few years ago and now it's popular especially after the NYTimes write up:  Cannelle Patisserie in New York Times.

I bought a fruit tart for my colleague's birthday a few years back and everyone was impressed so I decided to do the same thing for the potluck. It was cool a few people took some pictures and  I was happy that everyone found my store bought dessert delicious! Cannelle Patisserie is truly creative when it came to this fruit tart adding in kiwis and powdered sugar instead of glazing the top!  I wish it wasn't so far away from me so I can go there before work and pick up a Paris Brest!

Fruit tart by Cannelle Patisserie

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