Brunch in San Diego: The Cottage in La Jolla

Monday, September 14, 2015

Stuffed French toast
I was in San Diego for the weekend to celebrate my nephew's first  birthday and my cousin had time off to take me to one of her favorite brunch places which was The Cottages located in La Jolla.

When we arrived, there was a 25 minute waiting time which I found relatively easy to tolerate considering my friends and I have waited two hours for brunch at several NYC spots.  When my cousin heard that I waited two hours for brunch in NYC, she was shocked and said she would never wait that long for food.

When our table was ready, we were asked to be seated outdoors, since San Diego, as always was beautiful.

My cousin ordered the stuffed french toast which consisted of brioche, strawberry compote, and mascarpone cheese topped with powdered sugar.

She also recommended I order the polenta benedicts which was a spin on eggs benedict but instead of eggs, polenta was used.

I'm normally not a fan of french toast or polenta because I've eaten them in a traditional sense but the polenta benedicts was a nice spin on the recipe.

Goat cheese, kale pesto and tomato relish were used and it was a light, fresh meal for a sunny day.

Polenta benedicts

The Cottage was a nice brunch place to spend the morning with my cousin.  The vibe is very laid back but it's also a very trendy place with a mix of locals  and tourists.

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