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Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's been awhile since I last posted but I've been working on different projects like photography and rewriting a story from my teenage years.

I wasn't too impressed with blogger's templates and wasn't interested in investing in a graphic designer to redesign my website since I don't generate any revenue from it.  I started googling websites with free templates that were compatible with blogger as well as looking into since I actually attend a lot of the Wix lounge workshops

They had some great content and chose three options which I posted on Facebook for my friends to vote:

Option 1:

 Option 2:
 Option 3:
I was excited about using the Wix content but then realized I could not tranfer my blogger content.  I thought about using Wordpress as they had some really great designs but since I didn't know much HTML or CSS and didn't have the patience to learn it, I opted to stay with blogger due to the free hosting and the Google analytics which I didn't have to purchase.

I spent my whole Saturday researching design that would give my blog some credibility but realized blogger also had its limits as the templates I wanted did not transfer perfectly  I also downloaded three designs from gooyaabi Templates and did previews but stuck to my first choice - which was the Elegant design.  Since I don't have my blog connected to any social media sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I really didn't use the widget functions.  However, I did choose a responsive design template so it would be compatible with mobile apps.

Overall, the templates were easy to install and manipulate the layouts.  The annoying thing was I could not edit font or color schemes but I am sure if I knew some HTML or CSS, I could perfect my blog.

However, what's most important is the content and how it engages my readers so maybe the sleek design will be a little more engaging and I'll have more reason to post.

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