Seoul at Baby's All Right

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I discovered Seoul on a Spotify playlist and I remember just instantly playing their track "Stay With Us."

After awhile, I downloaded the track and did a Google search on them to find out if they had an album out.  Luckily,  I found out they would be playing at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn and my friend and I bought tickets at $10 a pop and checked them out along with Calvin Love and Brooklyn's own Buscabella on February 26.

Dream Pop band:  Seoul

We came in at 9pm in time to catch Calvin Love perform his set. He  also distributed a cassette with "Daydream Automaton" and "Midnight Melodies Crucify Your Mind (Rodriguez Cover) and it's a cute concept however, I no longer own a tape player. 

Calvin Love and Seoul both  possess this atmospheric sound that makes the crowd move.  It helped that Baby's All Right back room had a cool light set and the intimate setting didn't feel too claustrophobic.  They had a bar in the back to purchase beers or if you have a long subway back home, some coke, sprite or ginger ale to keep you sober.

Seoul's set was melodic but at the same time the synthesizers drowned out some of the vocals.  I mentioned to my friend they reminded me a lot about Washed Out, whose albums I loved a few years back.

The sets ended a little early around 11:30pm due to the School Night promo but Seoul will be playing SWSW and will be back on April 19 to play The Knitting Factory.  Plus their album drops June 9 so I'm looking forward to their new material.

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