That's some damn good pizza, Roberta's!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I'm lucky to have friends who indulge me and are willing to travel all over New York City for a good slice of pizza.  Except May - Mei lives in Brooklyn so she didn't really have to travel far.

Since I had a little bit more time in November, I asked May - Mei what was on her hitlist and she recommended a few pizza places to try.  We both agreed on Roberta's and we met up on a chilly, Wednesday morning.

Ojalda: fried egg, chorizo with crema with avocado and potato

We were seated in the back room where there was a fireplace to keep you warm.  May - Mei mentioned that Blanca entrance was somewhere nearby and we should look for it after our meal.

I didn't have any breakfast since I was saving myself up for this meal so I was starving by the time we were seated.  We started out with the Ojalda which was a satisfying dish that consisted of chorizo with crema, avocado and fried egg which you can scoop up with fried bread.

We also discussed what pizza to order and settled on the Gorgon Ramsey, which came a little later after we demolished the Ojalda.

Gorgon Ramsey
The Gorgon Ramsey consisted of broccoli, mozzarella, fried shallots and gorgonzola béchamel and the cost was about $14.

As I bit into my first slice, I now knew why everyone loves Roberta's.  The crust was thin yet easy to chew and it wasn't like I was trying to chomp down on a piece of cardboard.  So, now I had an epiphany since I knew what it meant when people described that  pizza tasted like cardboard because it wasn't like that at all.

Furthermore, the cheese was light and airy as well and the fried shallots gave it a subtle hint of flavor despite the fact that shallots have a more potent than onions or garlics.

To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the broccoli so May - Mei was nice enough to let me order another pie since I was still hungry.

This time around I asked our waiter his preferences.  Some people argue that asking the waiter for recommendations will drive up your bill but why not trust the person who works and probably spends most of his meals here?   He's probably friends with all the cooks so he knows what's happening in the kitchen.

Our waiter  explained the Margherita is the most popular dish however, Millennium Falco is his favorite so we ordered that second piece of pie!

Millennium Falco:  tomato, pork sausage, chili, onion, parmigiano
The Millennium Falco definitely hit the spot only because meat fills me up more.  We definitely cleaned this plate and May - Mei was able to go home with two slices of the Gorgon Ramsey.

By the time we finished eating, Roberta's was packed with pretty young things.  May - Mei and I wondered how many people in this joint actually had jobs or were independently wealthy because we saw some BMWs parked nearby on our way over here.

As we left the vicinity, May - Mei asked one of the waitresses where the entrance to Blanca was and unfortunately, it is only open to waitstaff.  Someday, we'll come back and have pizza at Roberta's and dinner at Blanca's.  Once my wallet matches my higher end eating habits.

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