My first omakase at Sushi Nagazawa

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I've been dreaming about Sushi Nagazawa since it first opened in the West Village over a year ago and been reading all the glowing reviews especially from The New York Times: Sushi Nagazawa.

I finally made reservations on a Tuesday night at 9pm at Sushi Nagazawa and was pretty excited about the experience.

The omakase at Sushi Nagazawa costs $150 and consists of about 20 pieces of sushi along with your choice of $40 of sake pairings or $80 for premium sake. You also had a choice of wine or beer if you chose not to go with the sake.

Julie and I opted for $40 sake pairing and before the meal began, one of the waiters asked if anyone had any food allergies and unfortunately, I had to disclose my shellfish allergy. Despite my shellfish allergy, I reassured the waiter that I could eat sea urchin and had an EpiPen in my purse.

Omakase at Sushi Nagazawa is truly an amazing experience. Tasting the subtle differences in each creation opened my eyes from the hint of vinegar in the rice and how it melts in your mouth, the sweetness of the uni and faint tartness of the fluke that was garnished with Yuzu.

Yes, $150 is a lot for a meal but Chef Daisuke Nagazawa was very attentive and made all of us feel welcome. He explained each creation, cracked jokes with the guests, and was even nice enough to take a picture with anyone who asked.

Mr. Nagazawa made my first omakase memorable. Just as Jiro dreams of sushi, I still dream of Mr. Nagazawa's sushi and hope to return in 2015.

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