Cocktails at Dead Rabbit

Sunday, October 05, 2014

I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday and friends and family helped me celebrate over the past few days.  After turning 30, I decided not to make a big deal out of it anymore however,  I was extremely grateful they took the time to spend some time with me and for those who live far away, I appreciate the messages that were sent my way.

Julie celebrated some early birthday drinks with me at Dead Rabbit, a relatively new speakeasy located in the Financial District and was recently named one of the best cocktail bars in America.

She had to fly home for her grandfather's birthday but was kind enough to share drinks with me.
We met up around 6pm and waited for 15 minutes for a table to open up before the bouncer allowed us upstairs in The Parlor.  The Parlor was warm and welcoming and already packed.  I had an idea of what I wanted for a drink since I looked over the menu online the night before but I usually listen to the recommendations of the waitress as well.

The waiters and waitresses all had the red and black theme for attire which I think was a requirement for the establishment.  Furthermore, I was impressed by the detail of the cocktail book that was given to us to look over since there were 8 categories divided into:  Fresh, Fiery, Sharp, Strong, Low-Spirited, Bitter, Ambitous and Cultivated.  It was  total of 71 pages detailing the history of Jameson, Irish Whiskey and the Dead Rabbits.

Dead Rabbit Cocktail menu
The waitress provided us with complimentary  drinks served in porcelain teacups which I found charming as Julie and I perused over the food and cocktail menu.  My first drink of the night was Lord of the Ward under Ambitious.  It consisted of bulleit rye whiskey, white chocolate, allspice, lime, orange and Dead Rabbit Orinoco bitters.  We also ordered Happy Hour oysters that were going for $1 each.

Cocktails at Dead Rabbit

The Lord of the Ward definitely had the whiskey taste and I was curious if the white chocolate would be evident but it was subtle.

The oysters were perfect for the season:  light and fresh.

The second drink I had for the evening was Old Smoke under Fiery.  It consisted of the Powers Signature Release Irish Whiskey, Connemara Peated Irish Whiskey, Pernod Absinthe, sweet vermouth, parfait amour liqueur, and celery.  Again it was another heavy drink to relish.

What was really cool that I noticed about the Parlor was the piano against the wall and I really wished they had someone play on a Friday night. (Perhaps they did since Julie and I didn't stay past 9pm and headed elsewhere for food that evening).

It would have been cool to add to the atmosphere of the Parlor with groups of people engaged in lively conversation, well dressed waiters and waitresses in red and black and a savoring a cocktail in hand. 

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